Phone/Skype Consultation

AMS can give you over the phone advice (or Skype conferencing) on a particular matter affecting your school as it relates to agents or international recruitment efforts.

Start Up Services

If your institution is new to working with educational agents, we can provide proper guidance and support during the initial stages. AMS will help you define your goals and provide you with the essential building blocks to succeed with agents.

Review Agent Documentation

AMS can carefully review your important agent documentation to determine if it is appealing, fair, and current with the agent industry. Documents such as agent manuals, contracts, brochures, etc. will be reviewed for marketability.

Screening and Vetting of Agents

If your institution is fairly new to education agents and needs to assess new agent partners, AMS can evaluate the agents on your behalf to determine their credentials, track history and competence to represent your institution overseas.

Training Agents

Developing a suitable training module for your agent will ensure they are adequately prepared to represent your institution overseas. AMS will provide agents proper tools to ensure they can answer questions professionally and adequately on your school’s behalf.

Follow Up With Agents

If your institution has participated in recent agent workshops or conferences and you are short on time and personnel to follow up, our AMS staff can reach out to your agent network to ensure your message is getting the proper attention.

Training Staff to Agent Workshops

If your institution is new to agent workshops or conferences (i.e. ICEF, ALPHE, WEBA, NAFSA, etc.) or has not attended in some time, AMS can fully train and prepare your staff to these conferences. We will dive deep and provide your team with the essential tools needed to make your agent meetings a complete success.

Surveying Agents

If your institution is experiencing disappointing results with your agents and you don’t know why. AMS we can customize a survey with your agent network. We will provide you a summary report with valuable feedback from all agencies to determine areas for improvement.