Agent Management Solutions:

AMS was founded on the idea of providing exceptional consulting services to educational institutions and organizations who need assistance with expanding their global presence. The current trend of North American institutions expanding to new global market is growing and so is the demand for locating reputable student sources. AMS can help your organization consider the first initial steps in creating an effective international recruitment strategy. Whether considering a new online social branding or partnering with reputable agents worldwide, our team of experts can lead you in the right direction.

Agent Management Solutions follows four main principles, which is the foundation and key to our success:

  1. Integrity – We maintain a high standard of quality and loyalty to our clients.
  2. Transparency – All dealings are performed ethically and transparently with all parties involved.
  3. Competence – We will only take on clients we feel we can assist thoroughly.
  4. Confidentiality – All information gathered from clients will remain confidential.

Find out how these core values have helped other clients achieve lasting success for their institutions.




Our Services – How We Can Help Your Institution

We are a full-service consulting group helping your institution or organization develop international business strategies. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Promoting and branding your institution online through social media and websites.
  • Providing an overview of the agent industry and how to get started using educational agents to recruit international students.
  • Identifying enrollment trends from particular countries and minimize risk in entry approaches.
  • Analyzing your institution’s international recruitment strategy.
  • Analyzing your institution’s international marketing/communications strategy;
  • Developing your institution marketing and recruitment plans.
  • Selecting and appointing the right agents appropriate for your institution;
  • Understanding the legal relationship between the student, agent, and academic institution.
  • Ensuring your partnership is positive and sustainable over the short and long term.

Full details, please see an overview of our services.

Learn more about Agent Management Solutions:

Our Values  We hold our consultants to higher values to ensure your satisfaction.  Please click on “Our Values” to learn more.

Our Consultants We have consultants with proven success in developing international recruitment and marketing plans for institutions.