Agent Management Solutions Advantages:


Experience & Professionalism

Our team has a combined 60 years of experience in international student recruitment strategies, including working alongside with top recruitment agencies from more than 100 countries, participating in international student recruitment conferences; formulating social media strategies, and implementing armchair recruitment practices.

All of our consultants have advanced degrees in the US. (MBA & Ph.D.). Their career background spans over 15 years each directly involved in successful enrollment management and implementation policies at their own campuses. We have developed the best practices and training to assist overseas student recruitment agents and institutions serve students seeking admission to American educational institutions.

Commitment to AIRC Guidelines

Agent Management Solutions is committed to providing excellent support services to institutions, transparent recruitment practices and accuracy in marketing information.

  1. “We follow the AIRC guidelines and “understand the international student experience, recognize the importance of respecting the needs of their students, and commit to the provision of supporting programs and services conducive to the enrollment, persistence and success of international students on their campuses.” – AIRC Guidelines
  2. “We closely work with our agent-partners and establish clear procedures for a sustainable agent-institutional relationship, including mechanisms for compliance with AIRC guidelines.” –  AIRC Guidelines
  3. “We market their educational and institutional services professionally and accurately, and maintain the integrity and reputation of their particular academic institution as well as of the U.S. education sector.” –  AIRC Guidelines

Flexibility and Love for Change

We love change and innovation. The world changes fast and we are ready to adjust our recruitment platform strategies to suit the needs of North American institutions. We are flexible with time & location. Call us at any time of the day and we can meet you at any place around the world. We are everywhere. We are happy to work with institutional clients and train staff with ZERO knowledge on how to work with recruitment agents.


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