Agent Management Solutions (AMS) works with institutions interested in attracting international students to their programs. We provide a variety of services that identify and attract interested students who qualify (academically and financially) to enter your institutions.

We work very closely with our institutional clients by developing strong ties with school officials. We personally visit institutions across the U.S. and Canada to familiarize ourselves with the campus, its academic rigor, international admissions goals, international student culture, academic programs and admission criteria.

AMS provides services for:

  • Secondary Boarding and Day Schools
  • Public High Schools
  • ESL Language Schools
  • Foreign Language Schools
  • Technical and Vocational Colleges
  • Community Colleges
  • Online Colleges
  • Small Independent Colleges
  • Religiously Affiliated Colleges
  • Private & Public Research Universities

Our client industries include:

  • Education
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • State Consortia

Our Trusted Partners

  • ICEF
  • AIRC
  • FCIE
  • FAIE
  • CCID
  • WEBA

Professional Memberships