Marie Martin Ph.D., Director Global Education and Services, Fox Valley Technical College 
“We worked with John Duque to develop the agent network for the college. John was very helpful! He provided feedback on our existing practices, introduced best practices and connected us with many agents. After that, we have been able to stay in contact with the agents and understand our own market better. Agent maintenance process and relationship building takes time and requires frequent contact. The most important finding for us was that we should select agents based on our own college and its market. Not all agents are good for all educational institutions! Even though our contract is completed, John has been in touch and continued to introduce us to new agents that are suitable for our college.” – May 15, 2019


Simon Andrews, CEO & Founder, Big Choice Group
“John is a great person to work with, I have worked with John on a number of projects with universities to build there agent strategy and network. He is full of passion and a true professional and always enjoy working with John.”
May 13, 2019


Evan Jerome, Senior Vice President, Monroe College
“John understands the complexities of international higher education recruitment more than anyone I know professionally. His innovative and personalized approach make him a valuable asset to any college or university.” April 7, 2019


Christa Knudsen, Director of International Programs, Marshall School
“I have known John Duque for over 6 years. Marshall first brought him on as a consultant to advise us on how to diversify our international program and best work with agents. John’s knowledge of the market is outstanding, and he knows agents. At that time, his work with us helped us understand the institutional investment and commitment required to build a sustainable program over time. He has remained a champion of our school, promoting and mentioning us long after our contract with AMS expired. In addition to his wisdom and direction for the long run, he was directly responsible for several new agent contracts signed, and new enrollment to our program. I recommend John and his company without reservation.” April 1, 2019


Claudia Lopez Costa, International Relations Director at Ecotec University:
“I highly recommend working with AMS. John was key in helping our institution start working with agents. He provided his full support in every step of the way. His expertise makes him very resourceful and he’s always ready to offer advice and share best practices.”


Mary Kimmins, ESL Program Director at House of Tutors:
“I met John Duque at the Miami ICEF conference. It was our first conference and his assistance was instrumental in making the most of our experience. I highly recommend John for his knowledge of the world of international study abroad and how to best connect with agents and others of like interest.”


Melissa Davison, English Language Assistant at Colegio Europa
“Working with John was a pleasure. I knew that I could count on him every step of the way to provide me with the most detailed and accurate information possible. It is with great confidence that I would recommend working with John to anyone.”


John Newcombe,CEO Equator Information Technology – eBECAS
“I have come across John at many ICEF workshops. He is a keen and enthusiastic marketing guy with a thirst to get people with a business fit together. He is a great guy to work with and know. He can make things happen.”


Boris Polotzek, IT and Business Skills Training Solutions
“It has been a great pleasure and privilege working with John. John’s profound knowledge of the international education market, in combination with his valuable advice, hands-on support, and vast resourcefulness are a tremendous asset to any company. I highly recommend him.”