Video & Photo Production

First impression is everything. Having an appealing video or photos of your campus website can make all the difference in attracting students from overseas. AMS’s high quality video and photo production will enhance your school’s image internationally.

Marketing and Communication Services

International branding requires strategic planning and analysis. AMS can create a customized marketing, recruitment, and business plans that will fit with your institution’s objective.

International Admission and Enrollment Services

Ensuring your institution has all the right moving pieces is essential to the success of your international recruitment efforts. AMS can train your staff on proper procedures and policies that will increase efficiency in your day-to- day operations.

International Recruitment Strategy Services

Planning and executing a proper recruitment strategy requires analysis and insights into your institution’s strengths and weakness. AMS will guide and develop solid strategies to help you institution obtain your goals in the long haul.

Direct Student Recruitment Services

If you are looking to find qualified applicants for your institution, AMS can represent your institution at national and international student recruitment events.